Buying a used harp

If you have tried to find an old harp or have read the article on these pages you will appreciate that they are hard to find.
If you want to start playing the harp I would advise buying a modern instrument if you can finance it - you may well be better doing a bit of overtime to fund a loan than spending the time necessary to repair an old one. Also get the advice of a harp teacher or harpist before buying anything. Old instruments of any kind have their foibles, and technology hasn't stood still since the last century.

One of the best places to find an instrument in good working order is via Jack Hayward's list:
Jack Hayward, 5 Sun Gardens, Burghfield Common, Reading , England. Tel (44) 118 983 3922, Fax (44) 118 983 3868

I have seen a few harps go for reasonable prices at auction at Bonhams in London - they have regular sales of instruments.

If you are getting an old instrument the things to watch out for are:

Good Luck!

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